The problem with modern day academia is that it doesn't teach anyone anything about true spiritual realities. The West is very advanced on how to get and hold wealth. Also very good at inventing things and technology. Medicine is amazing when it comes to severed limbs. But when it comes to spiritual knowledge the west is virtually bankrupt. The masses are given a watered down version of Christianity based on corrupted interpretations of Jesus's teachings and told "here is your answer to what God is".

And in higher education like colleges the disciplines are fragmented with each one thinking it's the most important. Does science really conflict with philosophy or religion? No. Current science doesn't and can't measure and prove spiritual realities because it measures only what physical instruments can measure. In fact the way many people practice science it's almost like a religion itself since this is how they define reality. If you can't measure it then it's not real. But you can't measure love with a yardstick can you? But we all know what love is since it's a common experience. So modern science has this limitation.

Also children should be taught the truth that all disciplines are connected and are describing different aspects of the One Reality.

Meditation should be taught when the child is ready so they can experience the Bliss of the Self and have a broader more expanded frame of reference in regards to the mind.

The concepts of reincarnation and karma should also be taught so children understand that we grow and mature over many lifetimes and not just one. And lastly that there is a final goal to this earthly school of life which is Self Realization.