Another perspective:

Emotional-Cancer connection:

"In most cases of cancer, however, the emotional suppression has become unconscious and severe. In Chinese medicine, cancer is seen as mainly qi stagnation that congeals to phlegm and/or blood stagnation masses, with heat toxins. In Western terms, these masses are genetically damaged, usually consisting of rapidly-growing cells that go unrecognized by the immune system, which should normally keep these abnormal cells in check."



A holistic approach takes into account all levels including mental, emotional and spiritual causes to physical illness. These levels are not separate and to say that there is no connection between the emotional level and the physical level is patently ridiculous. Of course there are cases where cancer is caused by genetics or outer causes like radiation poisoning but I would suggest that a large percentage of cancer cases have emotional components as a factor. And if these emotional factors are ignored then they will continue to produce negative physical manifestations. So really in many cases killing the cancer cells with radiation or cutting them out of the body doesn't treat the cause and the cancer simply grows back later. It's like trying to get rid of a weed by chopping off the top and leaving the roots. It's treatment of symptoms and not the cause of the disease.