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Interesting point is that the planet Mars is also undergoing a warming trend. This could point to an alternate theory as to why the Earth's temperature is rising as opposed to CO2 buildup.

There is global warming but it is NOT man-made.

Well who benefits from the globalization of manufacturing? If the CO2 greenhouse movement continues then a coalition will be formed of most of the countries of the world. The idea is that if you want to play and trade your country will have to participate in the reduction of CO2. If you don't agree then your country will be isolated economically.

The ramifications of this are interesting..

Positive points are that globally pollution would be lowered and quality of life would improve even if the greenhouse theory is incorrect. Other positives are that if polluting countries like China have to retrofit then their costs will go up meaning manufacturing in other countries like the USA will be better able to compete and create jobs.

Possible negatives are that globalization of manufacturing means a consolidation of power. If you are a power/money hungry person this situation could be an ideal scenario. In history we see over and over the story where a leader frightens people with an imminent disaster. He then tells them that only he can save them and so they give him power. What better way to control the world economy than to propose a WORLD WIDE Imminent Disaster? If it's world wide then EVERYONE has to participate. PLUS it's popular because it's obvious that everyone will benefit right?

Proceed with caution.

The point is that there has been an increase in temperatures in the last 200 years but this increase started from a very low point when compared to the last few thousands of years. The planet was much hotter thousands of years ago when man's influence on the atmosphere was totally absent.