Happiness is our natural state. To experience it you have to remove the negative programming and negative self image.


Psychology is a fail pseudo-science. It labels "problems" and cements them so much that a person develops an attachment and makes the "disease" part of their self image.


We CAN choose to be happy but to do it means giving up the past. It also means forgiving and truly loving/accepting oneself and others. Let me give you a concrete example of what I mean. I recently visited a friend of mine who is a psychology professor at prestigious university. But even after 20 years of teaching psychology he is still a very unhappy person. Why? Because he is addicted to having a negative self image. His common refrain is "I'm not good enough". This issue will NOT be cured by any kind of medicine or traditional psychological theory.

 It's a CHOICE and I told him I don't support his unreality. A person can choose or not choose what mental program to run in their minds. Running the idea that "I'm not good enough" over and over in one's mind is mental masturbation and simply a bad habit. The more one does this the more power you give to the idea. And believe it or not this mental "addiction" actually gives the person a kind of weird pleasure. They get attention and pity for their "mental illness". The big problem is that "sciences" like psychology instead of healing tend to cement the idea that a person is fundamentally sick. They give the illness a "name" and "treat" it with drugs.


One way to start healing is to practice self introspection or meditation. Instead of automatically responding to the inner negative dialog you begin by watching it as an interested observer. Know that the "thoughts" are not YOU. As time goes by these negative thoughts will lose power and one can cultivate a more positive attitude.


If you stop the mind completely you WILL experience Bliss because Bliss is our natural state. In the majority of cases drugs are overused. Also it's back to the same old primary question.

Does consciousness/mental attitude cause a physical symptom or does a physical problem cause a mental or emotional imbalance?

The point is that in the majority of cases the primary factor is attitude which is a matter of personal choice. There are too many people who get locked into believing they are victims and will forever be depressed. It becomes over time an integral part of their self image.


Nobody ever finds happiness through psychology. It's a dead end and the people who teach it and practice it have incentives to keep people sick and believing they are dependant on therapy and drugs.

There is no such thing as a "depression" gene. If so then a significant number of babies of depressed parents would also suffer from this.

So here is the core of the debate. The psychologists would have us believe that there are physical anomalies in the brain which actually CAUSE depression. If this basic premise was true then there is the possibility that this anomaly could be passed to the children of said person.

The first premise is false but since the symptoms of depression can be dulled using drugs the experts would have us believe that the drugs are somehow fixing the physical problems in the brain. This is how the use of these drugs and the theories are justified.

The problem of course is that the drugs don't fix anything. They just dull the emotional pain to the point where people can still be functional. Then after the drug wears off it must be taken again and again.

This is one way people can be controlled and brainwashed. Tell them they have a disease that only WE can help you with. Only WE have the therapy that can ease the pain. Only WE have the drugs that will make you feel better.

Follow the money. Also realize that most of these "academics" have huge amounts of time, money and energy invested in these theories so they have very little if any incentive to change their ideas.

And yes I have been unhappy and had horrible traumas when I was younger and growing up. It's called LIFE.

You forgive because you realize the people who damaged you were themselves damaged. You introspect why you are unhappy and begin the process of changing the mental dialog from negative to positive. You make a plan to change the exterior parts of your life you don't want. You take FULL responsibility for what has happened to you and what will happen to you. You cry A LOT. It takes time and usually much patience because the mental and emotional habits are deeply engraved. And yes part of the process involves reconnecting to our higher Selves, the spiritual level. This country prides itself on it's material and intellectual accomplishments but is SERIOUSLY bankrupt on the spiritual level.

If a person is unhappy most of the time it's because they have problems or situations they don't like and have trouble dealing with. We aren't talking about car accident victims here with half their brain gone. I'm talking about the guy who hates his job and boss and instead of fixing it he goes to a doctor with suddenly a chronic case of depression.

Some claim that depression has "a HUGE genetic component." This is clearly a lie since if depression was hard coded into a nervous system then a person would have NO chance of recovery. And I'm talking about natural recovery without drugs. It's a lie because depressed people can and do recover by changing their mental and emotional states.



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