Can give you a wider broader perspective on reality. If you silence the constant barrage of thoughts you will experience the peace and bliss of the soul or higher Self.

This could be one of the best ways to heal mental problems like depression since meditation gives one the experience that you are NOT your thoughts. You can step back and watch the thoughts whether positive or negative come and go. You repeat the mantra internally and when you find yourself wandering to other thoughts you watch them and gently let them go and come back to the mantra. This is one of the good things you can learn from TM or Transcendental Meditation. The technique itself is very good and effective and the way they teach it works. I can't say I really recommend their organization though although the idea of scientifically analyzing the benefits of meditation is interesting. I would NOT recommend their advanced TM-Sidhi Program though since forcing the kundalini energy up the spine without the guidance of a Master is dangerous. Stick with the basic meditation and you will be fine.

At first it is difficult to meditate because the mind is like a wild horse that has never been tamed or disciplined. But if one sticks to 20 minutes twice a day over time you bring the mind and thoughts under control. Eventually the nervous system becomes so refined you don't even need to use the mantra anymore to meditate. You sit down and go into the silence quickly and easily.

There are other types of meditation of course but for beginners I like TM. For more of a lifestyle change and support on the spiritual path I recommend checking out the lineage of Paramahansa Yogananda and specifically Ananda Village in Nevada City, CA. Another excellent teacher who was a disciple of Yogananda is Roy E. Davis. See the Suggested Reading and Links sections of the website.


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