Money serves a purpose of course and in human society this is what most people use to purchase services or products. Obviously if you don't have enough you won't be able to eat and being hungry isn't a happy state.

However the point is what happens after all the basic needs are met? Isn't it true that in our society people are brainwashed to believe that more money = more happiness? But if this was true then why do we have rich people/celebrities etc. committing suicide?

The truth is that their depression is even deeper than the average person because they HAVE the American Dream and now they realize they are still unhappy even with all the money and fame. At least when you don't have all the goodies you can hope for happiness sometime in the future when you win the lottery.

If happiness = more money then zero rich people should commit suicide correct?

Look at all the famous music band members that were/are doing drugs. They are living the dream life everyone wants and yet they still need to do drugs to feel happy? Clearly the fulfillment of outer circumstances alone is not sufficient for happiness.

I would submit though that a rich person might be more receptive to this truth since they have hit rock top as it were (as opposed to rock bottom.)
Since they know from experience that the money mantra is a lie they might have more of a motive to try something else.

Happiness isn't caused by a chemical reaction in the brain. The brain is only a piece of hardware. We use this hardware to interact with the world.

So why do drugs give a high? Because drugs temporarily block the pain of the negative programming. But once the drugs wear off the pain comes back because the person remembers again that they are a weak, bad, limited (whatever) person. Drugs treat the symptoms temporarily not the real inner problems.

Happiness isn't in anything in the outer world and this is why gaining money and things alone won't provide it. Happiness is the absence of something. The absence of negative programming and negative or limited self image. The programming is like mud on a pair of glasses. How does anyone enjoy a fine painting with mud covering their view? You can be a billionaire but your money doesn't mean much if you hate yourself.