Is limited to the study of physical phenomena. This is not a bad thing. The bad thing is when one tries to explain the totality of Reality using just modern science. For example does the brain produce consciousness or does consciousness produce the brain?

This is one of the fundamental flaws in modern science and medicine. The truth is that Consciousness is the First Principle. Consider Einstein's famous equation E=mc2. This means Energy is equal to Mass x the Speed of Light squared. Basically matter IS condensed energy. Energy is BEFORE mass. Similarly Consciousness is before Energy.

So if we understand this we can see that the body is a vehicle that the Soul uses to operate in this physical 3D reality. If your car dies while you are driving do you as the driver cease to exist? Of course not. This is why the treatment of many diseases with drugs is stupid and moronic since the spiritual and emotional causes are completely ignored. You think you can cure someone of an emotional problem with a drug? How stupid is this? This ignorance has to end.

Science has it's place but it should never be a substitute for spiritual knowledge and should accept that it's realm is limited to the physical level. But don't negate the spiritual level of reality. It's sad how many in the western scientific community have become so arrogant in the extreme. Instead of keeping an open mind to these more expanded realities they ignore them or label them as imagination or wishful thinking.

Science and religion are NOT mutually exclusive and someday this will be widely known and understood.