If a counselor can sit down with someone and really get them to talk and let go of their negative thoughts and emotions then that is good. The problem comes when all they do is label your problem as a "disease", give you a pill and say come back next week. The correct attitude is:

"Your basic state is happiness. All we have to do is remove the negative thought patterns and emotions that cloud your vision and experience and you will begin to experience life more positively."

This process takes time of course and depends on how ingrained the issues are. The person being helped also has a responsibility to be willing to let go of the past and forgive themselves and others who may have hurt them.

Taking responsibility = Taking freedom

Remember also that nobody can teach you something that they can't do themselves. A baseball player who sucks at hitting isn't going to teach anyone how to be a .350 hitter. Same with a counselor. How are they going to help anyone be happy if they can't even do it for themselves?

Sadly in most cases therapy can drag on for months or even years since the therapist has little to no incentive for the patient to be healed.

The idea that you need to reconcile every little trauma from the past is ridiculous. Live in the present and let go of the past and let the fail greedy and arrogant psychiatrists go out of business.