The Three Soul Vows









The Three Soul Vows are as follows:


1. The pursuit of Truth no matter how outrageous or inconvenient. The commitment to always follow and pursue what is truly REAL and to then act on it.

2. To give up the idea of separation. This vow follows naturally from Vow 1.

3. To align oneself to Divine Love. This vow also follows naturally from Vows 1 and   2.


Without at least Vow 1 no amount of spiritual practice or techniques will benefit the spiritual seeker. There are many people who practice meditation for example who have no intention of really ever being truly Free. They just want to be happier and more successful egos. But in the end separation as an ego is Suffering.

To truly be on the spiritual path one must commit to inner soul vows as well as learning to discipline the mind by deep meditation.